Chapter 790

Lake In The Hills Airport (3CK), Lake In The Hills IL.


Welcome to the website of the Lake in the Hills chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association 


Our Next Event - Members Meeting At Lake In The Hills Airport Tuesday, August 28

We return to our regular 4th Tuesday meeting schedule this month. We'll be meeting back in our usual location in the airport office, with burgers on the grill starting around 6 and business meeting at 7.

Our speakers will be members Robert Skalany, David Morrow, and John Kinyon. They will talk about their long-running "annual inspection", including:

·  Brief history of the airplane and project*

·  Problems found and decisions made about corrections

·  Upgrades to avionics, engine, and airframe

·  Lessons learned

*For details please see pages 1, 4, and 5 of the April 2007 Winds Aloft and John's article on pages 5 and 6 of the February 2015 Winds Aloft (related photos and inspirational video).

 After the talk we'll go to hangar P9 to see the airplane, fixtures, and tools.  

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2018 Youth In Aviation Scholarship Awarded to Maxwell Hagberg

Maxwell Hagberg is our $1,000 Scholarship Winner. Max was chosen from a list of five excellent candidates through a blind system of 2 votes for first choice and 1 vote for second choice by our Board members. (Paul’s idea and it worked out very well). Max is a member of CAP and has shown school leadership as well as currently taking Flight Instruction at Blue Skies. Max is pursuing a career in Aviation Flying. The Scholarship funds have been paid directly to the Flight Training facility Max has chosen. These scholarships are funded by our annual Pancake Breakfast. CONGRATULATIONS MAX!


News You Can Use

Do you ever wonder if you ADS-B unit's performance is up to snuff? If you would like to verify that your ADS-B installation is working correctly, you can obtain a free performance report on your ADS-B signal from the following website:

Tom LeGates  3/6/18

On our monthly fly-out in November to Watertown, WI, we discovered the Perkins restaurant adjacent to the airport is closed. There is a nice restaurant called 'The Spot' which is about 1 mile north on RT 26. In nice weather a nice walk from the airport, or use the crew car if available.

Tom LeGates  11/27/17

From Ole 6/20/2017......

I flew to Milwaukee’s Timmerman Airport today with George Haupt and George Roby.

The FBO there now charges a $ 10 parking fee, - they call it Ramp Fee – this is new, never did that before.  The fee is waived if you buy at least 10 gallons of fuel.  Present price is 4.28 per gallon.



Recent Chapter Activities

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