Chapter 790

Lake In The Hills Airport (3CK), Lake In The Hills IL.

Contacts and Responsibilities                                          

Paul Ranieri                        President, Young Eagles Chairperson

Rob Nelson                        Vice President, Youth Aviation Chairman (Pedal park and ground     school), Co-webmaster

Tom Solar     Secretary, Newsletter

Tom LeGates     Treasurer, Webmaster 

Lon Danek                     Board Member, Pancake Breakfast

Ole Sindberg                      Board Member, Holiday banquet, Chapter fly-outs and shop visits,                                                     Flight Advisor/Tech Counselor

Ron Liebmann                   Board Member, Pre chapter meeting meals, Flight Advisor/Tech                                                         Counselor

Bud Herod                         Young Eagles co-chairperson

Mike Perkins        Tech Counselor (electric/general) 

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