Chapter 790

Lake In The Hills Airport (3CK), Lake In The Hills IL.

      - - - - What We Have Been Doing Lately - - - -

Breakfast Fly-out to Watertown WI - November 25

What a beautiful day for a fly-out, Ole really knows how to pick them.  Had a pretty stiff cross wind on take off but Dave Boone did a masterful job.  He looked for a hole to get up to 4500 feet and off we went. Speed demon Ole took off after us but did not pass us on the way.  We had a strong head wind which made it a little bit bumpy.  Rich had a 40 MPH head wind and took it up to 6500 feet to find a 50 MPH head wind.   We found out that Perkins had close up a month earlier so we went to “The Spot” which was great with fantastic service.  Eleven people flew up which included Ole Sindberg, Dave Boone, Brad Delisle, Matt Van Bergen, Rich Olesczcuk, Tom LeGates, Ron Liebmann, Tom and Joyce Jackson, Jeff Dingbaum, and Jim Roozee.  The trip back was fast, Brad flew just up into the jet stream.  We had a great breakfast with good friends.
JIm Roozee 

Breakfast Flyout To Madison - April 1st 

On Saturday April Fool’s Day, (no this isn’t an April Fool’s Joke), sixteen chapter members met at the Jet Room Restaurant on the Madison Airport. The folks at the restaurant and the FBO, “we don’t charge ramp fees-we like to earn your business”, were very nice (food was great too).

Attendees were; Dave Boone-Cessna 182 (nice paint job), passengers Ron Liebmann and Tom Solar; Lon Danek-Cessna 172, passengers Jim Roozee and Bob Nitschneider; Dale Medendorp-Zenith 650, Passenger Wife Trudy; Mitch Wohl-Cessna 170, passengers Wife Cindy and Kurt Aichele; Rich Oleszczuk-Cherokee 180, Passengers Rob Nelson and Brad DeLisle; Ole Sind-berg-Prescott Pusher, passenger Bjarne Sorensen.

A very busy day at the airport, some ex Air Force controller kept rerouting Navy Dave’s plane. The weather was perfect. F18 Hornets with the Air National Guard are based here-Truax Field and gave a nice fly by and peeling off over the field.

Thanks to Rob Nelson for the pictures and Brad DeLisle for the attendee information and espe-cially, thanks go out to Ole Sindberg for arranging this adventure.


Tom Solar


Vic Bugnits Zenith Workshop

On Saturday February 18, Vic Bugnits held an open house, in his back yard work shed, on his 8 year building project-Zenith CH701 w/Rotax 912 85 horse engine. Attendees : Ron Liebmann-Technical Counselor, Tom Jackson-neighborly assistant, Tom LeGates, Ole Sindberg, Rich Oleszczuk, Jim Roozee, Mike Lunebach, Bob and Kathy Young and daughter and Tom Solar. Vic supplied coffee, donuts and sweet rolls. Everyone was impressed with the workmanship. Items of note were the fixed Slats-which increase the wing critical angle of attack and reduce the stall speed, and the full length Flaperons with the flap function being controlled by a two position Mixer handle left of the pilot seat. The flaperons have an unusual split half way along the trailing edge for washout. The engine has liquid cooled cylinder heads and air cooled cylinders. He has a Warp Drive solid carbon fiber 3 bladed propeller. Photo’s by Tom LeGates and Tom Solar (Continued on next page) The wings attach to the top sides of the fuselage and do not continue over the top of the cockpit. This allows for greater wind against the elevator at slow speeds and better visibility of the runway while son approach. 

This is the third airplane which Vic has built. His first in Michigan City was a Kolb ultralight with two 15 HP Solo engines. This was not enough power to get Vic in the air so he gave the plane to his friend. The second plane is a Hawk ultralight with a 2 cylinder Hirth Engine. This plane is for sale so he can make room for his Zenith at Dacey Airport. Anyone interested can contact Vic at: 815/943-6632 Thanks Vic for hosting this enjoyable event. Thanks Ole Sindberg for making the arrangements.

Tom Solar




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