Chapter 790

Lake In The Hills Airport (3CK), Lake In The Hills IL.

EAA 790 Website Membership

Welcome to the Chapter 790 website members area.

Please note that while becoming a full, Chapter 790 member is not necessary to register on our website, website-only registration will allow you only limited access to the EAA 790 website. Many Chapter 790 features such as the Forums, Archives, and other important information is only available to the chapter members. Don't miss out, come join us, today!

See the description of website membership levels below.

Website Registration Levels

Certain features of the Chapter 790 website are available based on the website registration type.The following is a brief description of the differences between the types.

Moderator - A Moderator is a person, or organization, that contributes articles (similar to a newspaper's columnist). The EAA 790 Chapter board selects individuals or organizations for this responsibility. A Moderator has the same abilities as a Member and has the ability to post articles in the Winds Aloft section.

Member - A member is a dues paying member of the chapter or an invited friend of a chapter member. The webmaster must manually change the account permission level from Limited Member to Member. A Member also has the ability to comment on articles, add to discussions in the Forums, and see the entire website, including event details, fellow member information, and other chapter-only information.

Limited Member - A limited member is anyone that registers on the website. Limited members have the ability to view most of the information published on the website AND can also comment on it. As a Limited Member you have a voice.

Not Registered - Anyone who has not registered on the website, the general web-surfing public. The general public has the ability to view information on events, including the calendar, and some of the articles that are available on the website.

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