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2012 Yokes & Spokes a Trip to Remember

Posted by Shane Stolarik on September 24, 2012 at 2:50 PM

The 2012 Yokes and Spokes Fly-out to Prairie du Chien is but a memory now,but a memory that will linger on for years to come. While the flying is what draws us all together in the first place, the events of the day were equally exciting. From beautiful vistas, to good eating, from local contemporary art,to historical museums - the trip was exciting from start to finish.

Fellow 790 member, Joe Rossi, is to be commended on not only the extraordinary effort he made by taking this task on by himself, but for the product that came from his work. Organized and efficient, relaxing, educating and just downright interesting, with this event Joe set the bar very high for future fly-outs.

Selecting nearby Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin after extensive research for a worthwhile destination, Joe not only spent time on the phone to make the needed arrangements, he flew to Prairie du Chien on his own to complete a firsthand reconnaissance of the airport, town and surrounding area to prepare for the chapter's arrival.During his visit he spoke to numerous shopkeepers, museum curators and even a very special, local artist - Florence Bird. Mrs. Bird quickly befriended Joe,you can't blame her with Joe's charisma, and joined him in his efforts for completing the trip's details. By the time Joe was done, he had made not only a very good friend, but had created a perfect itinerary for us that included:

     * An historic, canon-firing presentations (WOW!)
     * Historic landmarks, a grand Victorian home, and museums
     * Lunch at a historic (and tasty) restaurant
     * A visit to a sculpture park located on an historic island site
     * A fantastic sight-seeing river cruise complete with Bald eagles, colonial forts and more on the "Ol' Mighty Mississip."
     * and all of this was comfortably accomplished on the seat of a bicycle

Joe would deny it, but after all of us discussed it at length, we came to the conclusion that he had also arranged for the perfect day of weather, as well. I'd add that to the list of itinerary details, but since he still won't admit it, I'll just mention it here.

The hard work and imagination that goes into developing an outing,presentation, or event is so often under-appreciated that I wanted to take a moment, albeit long overdue, to give the much deserved credit to by far the best fly-out I've ever participated in (and I've been in quite a few). Joe set the bar by which all other fly-outs (at least for me) will be measured.

So, looking back on all of this year's adventures, probably the high point of the year was due to the work of just one of our members - thank you, Joe, for your hard work and putting up with some (at least one) of us slower members!



(Just an added thought, if you were unfortunate enough to have missed this trip and Joe decides to arrange another fly-out in the future, make sure you don't make the same mistake twice. You can put your name right under mine because it'll be the first one on the list!)

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