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EAA 790's Flying Aces Poker Run

Posted by EAA 790 Webmaster on October 23, 2012 at 5:55 PM

The 2012 Flying Aces poker run finished up last Sunday with an amazing turnout. It wasn't the number of people participating, or the amount of money raised that made it so great, I'll explain why in just a moment.

The quick, three weeks posed a challenge for most of us to break from our busy schedules and grab those coveted, closed envelopes from the seven airports selected this year. They were Janesville, Poplar Grove, DeKalb, Galt,Lake in the Hills, Campbell and Schaumburg airports.

There were 10 players, just enough to make waiting for everyone to arrive an "anxious anticipation." It was a bit nerve-racking each time a new player walked through the door - the more people, the more hands you needed to beat.

Elton Eisele, the organizer& head dealer, oversaw the opening of all the envelopes. The hands were placed up on a poster board for everyone to determine whether a "Ya-hoo"was in order or perhaps an "Aw, Horse-apples."

Butch Bejna from EAA 101, who by the way happened to be the first person to post his cards, took the pot with just two pair. Butch had a number of close contenders, however. Four hands were made up of two pairs, but with Aces high he closed the deal and walked away with his hands full of cash.

Butch wasn't the only winner,though. Beth Rhem (EAA 932), Marc Stancy (EAA 241), Larry Blazyk (EAA 790), and Lon Danek (EAA 790) were all winners, too.

A BIG THANKS goes to Janesville,Poplar Grove, DeKalb, Galt, Lake in the Hills, Campbell and Schaumburg airports for playing dealers for us. I think they had as much fun as we did with the added buzz in the FBOs. And while we're talking about appreciation, an especially big THANK YOU goes out to our sponsors for a fantastic list of prizes including cash, a pilot headset, a30-minute helicopter ride, nostalgic airliner mugs, discount coupons, and more.

¨    Greg Karris (EAA 153) of Aviation Universe (13 W. Main Street, Bensenville,a block west of York Road)and

¨    Sue Larson of A&M Aviation (130 Clow International Parkway, Bolingbrook, IL)

Please show your appreciation and patronize them soon! We are very fortunate for their help in making this year's poker run such a success, and we look forward to joining them in future events as well.

The time spent on the poker runwas actually rather short. Chapter 790 actually seemed to have more fun welcoming our fellow, local chapter members and sharing stories about past,current and future events. We all did some serious, and not so serious, hangar flying, which brings me to why this was such an amazing event.

EAA Chapters 22, 101, 153, 241,932, 1414, and of course 790 were all represented at Pilot Pete's for the big,poker showdown. This certainly isn't a unique situation, but we would like to thank all of our fellow chapters for joining us in our event. Many of us shared how good it was to see each other again, and we look forward to getting together at future events. The number of local EAA chapters that participated in our poker run was a promising glimpse into the near future of our small area.It's time to start working, and playing, together to share our efforts in events and just to enjoy our shared passion in aviation.

I mentioned that Chapter 22 was also represented, but with a little hitch. I had called Jeff Bonaguro and other members of Chapter 22 regarding the poker run, and Jeff half-jokingly told me that he would be in a load of trouble if he attended. It was he and his wife's wedding anniversary and he was taking her to dinner Sunday evening.

Without missing a beat I humorously offered, "Hey, how about Pilot Pete's?!"

Jeff laughed at first, but thought about it, then asked about the food there.

Brave man, I thought.

Well, Jeff and his wife decided to come to Pilot Pete's after all, and he said they enjoyed it completely. He looked for us upstairs and down, but missed us because it was his first time to Pete's and he didn't know about the Balloon room in the back of the restaurant! They sat at the tables along the windows, RIGHT outside our door. They were sitting three feet from us!

Next time we'll drag you in, Jeff!  

More to come!


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